Www dating society com

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It just happens and you refer to that feeling as ‘being in love’.

You just feel it in the heart and you cannot describe it.

It gets to the point where women in particular become sexualised. A profound saying that I always hold onto dearly is “Don’t marry the one you love, rather love the one you marry”.

That feeling of attraction that you may have inside of you for a particular person, you can never describe it to someone scientifically or mathematically.

What does it mean to love or be in love with someone? It is about looking past those flaws and embracing your partner as a whole, whether it be for how amazing she is in one thing and how bad she is in another thing.

But the questions lies: is love a reality or is it a concept which is constructed by society?

Online dating (and dating apps in particular) gets its fair share of bad press, whether it's for causing a "dating apocalypse" or concerns over users' privacy.

But new research suggests that it's not all doom and gloom.

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