Who is sam ronson dating

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“I have a lot to do here, but it feels like…” A new chapter?“Yeah, definitely.” The daughter of a hippy and a former hippy who divorced when she was a baby, Grey grew up in San Francisco with her father and all over the country with her “free-spirited” mom.Her black hair is in a pixie cut, and her doe-eyed face is bare except for black eyeliner and mascara, giving her the air of a goth Audrey Hepburn.Grey, 41, has been busy expanding her beauty empire, most recently, introducing the world to The Cream, a 5 moisturizer from German dermatologist Augustinus Bader.

At the same time, Grey has also been undergoing a private recalibration.She credits a group of older “ladies of Hollywood” for making her feel welcome. “They could see that I was a unique, individual, independent person.” Some credit must also go to Grey’s work ethic.From her perch among Hollywood royalty, Grey became obsessed with the people backstage: “Make-up artists, hair stylists, and stylists.All the people who are behind image.” She closely studied the red carpet, “the whole racket and business transactional part of it.” She correctly predicted celebrity makeup artists would be the next celebrity chefs, and tapped them to make Violet Grey “the gold standard for product recommendation.” “I worked like crazy,” she says, eventually raising Violet Grey’s M seed round of funding in 2013.“It was kind of hard to label me as the trophy wife.” One young lady of Hollywood, Lorraine Nicholson, met Grey through the late super-agent Sue Mengers.

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