Who is frank ocean dating 2016

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At last, Frank Ocean has given us his new album, along with a ton of imagery and a printed zine. The zine itself is particularly intriguing, with a tone that varies from serious to “is he serious” when you get to Kanye West’s ode to Mc Donalds.

A California federal judge ruled in his favor after the plaintiff (Calvin) failed to provide sufficient proof for his claims.

With that said, here’s an article expressing my personal frustration with my favorite artist, as I compare him to the perfect “terrible significant other.” Loyalty is tough when you get nothing in return (don’t worry, Frank, I still love you). If you’re not ready to drop your album, then it’s OK!

Honesty is the key to any successful relationship, Frank.

He never apologizes for his actions and if he does, it means nothing.

Have we gotten an apology for the lack of album yet?

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