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They can also suggest alternative ways to solve problems.Talk to your users and testers about the feature and related problems.If the tests for the requirements are added as part of the validation process, this often reveals requirements problems.If the a test is difficult or impossible to design, this usually means that the requirements will be difficult to implement and should be reconsidered.Ensure that you understand the problem fully when validating and that the solution might vary with the ingenuity of your engineers.You might want to develop a prototype to validate an idea.

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Validating your requirements with your prospects and clients will help ensure that you correctly interpret the problem and user scenarios.These problems can lead to extensive rework costs when these they are discovered in the later stages, or after the system is in service.The cost of fixing a requirements problem by making a system change is usually much greater than repairing design or code errors.These checks include: There are some techniques you can use to validate the requirements, and you may use one or more of them together, depending on your needs.A team of system customer; those who interact with the customer to gather requirements, and system developers start reading the requirements in the document, and investigate in a great detail to check for errors, inconsistency, conflicts, and any ambiguity.

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