Updating symantec ghost solution suite 2 5

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All this time we made many efforts for ensuring safe existence of our site, first of all in regard to pro-active verification of the uploaded files.

Our filters caught the majority of attempts of uploading and distribution of undesirable content.

which, in my opinion, ought to involve a quick check just to make sure the imaging process worked anyway.

IT personnel working for a large company need to make sure that data is safe at all times, and that no documents will get lost if employees need to migrate to a different operating system.

Though we realize that it is not a simple task, and to us is difficult to make any promises on terms.

I don't even think you can script around the problem in GSS, which is another reason it's really not suited for large, completely automated one-touch deployments.

Over the last 3 years many file hosting services have been forced to close due to insufficient measures taken to control the upload of the files, and / or if the inquiries of the file owners were insufficiently quickly processed.

At the same time we received the influx of customers who have tried to move to us their questionable files for distribution.

And our support reacted to any addresses from the file owners in the 24/7 mode.

But at the same time risks and pressure put upon the market of file hosting services grew.

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