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Why were practice players deleted from the roster in this week’s update?

Looks like it was a bug created from a Live Seasons change that was asked for. Practice squad won’t be available in Play Now or Online, which is fair and realistic, since they aren’t on the 53.

Will you be releasing a spreadsheet of weekly changes?

Those spreadsheets are not handled by me, it’s up to EA to release them or check the ratings hub.

While (insert player name) may have had a good game in one area, he may have struggled in another area that weighs heavily on the overall player rating.

Why did individual ratings go down, but the overall player rating stayed the same?

You will have the updated roster, as well as new 'SAVEPLAIN' and 'SAVEDATA'folders on your psp.- To extract the roster for editing on your PC - Open the SAVEPLAIN folder and search for the SDDATA.Nothing different per console, but it takes 3 to 4 days.Sometimes some extra time is needed and the roster releases on Friday (for example, week 1).I can’t place a guy on IR unless the injury is season ending.Injuries still need more love, we don’t have a broken hand season ending injury, so it is placed as broken foot.

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