Updating os on palm pixi 1 4 5

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However, we did notice some back-lighting issues on our unit as the bottom row looked the most distinguishable, while the rest were faint.It's been about a year since Palm pulled itself back from the brink of imminent destruction with the announcement of web OS and the Palm Pre, and even less time since the products announced actually hit the market.

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Overall, it's still a refreshing look when you take into consideration the lack of compact looking devices employing this particular form factor – but it's starting to become rather stale at this point. Already having to deal with some real estate issues, the Palm Pixi Plus packs a diminutive 2.63” TFT touchscreen which has a resolution of 320 x 400 pixels and support for 262k colors.

Similar to previous incarnations, the Palm Pixi Plus offers a decent physical keyboard with its solid tactile response, but it can prove to be worrisome for those with larger sized fingers.

Spacing between buttons is very limited as you'll have to rely on fingernails most of the time to accurately press a specific button.

The Pixi Plus is -- for all intents and purposes -- identical to its Sprint cousin, save for its new Verizon branding and the inclusion of Wi Fi.

As far as looks go, this should all seem very familiar to those of you who've checked out the Sprint Pre.

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