Updating graphics card mac

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A good reason to try out Nvidia's driver be if you use your Mac for gaming, or you run any other apps that use Open GL.On my Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.11.2 and an Nvidia GT 650m card, Cinebench's Open GL test gives a very slight edge to Nvidia's drivers (~52 fps) vs. To hazard an educated guess, I would say that driver updates are most likely rolled into Mac OS X version upgrades and point updates.Once you've chosen the e GPU that's best for you, you'll want to read about How to use an e GPU with a Mac.Macs are often criticised for being overpriced and underpowered - especially when it comes to the kind of graphics performance that is needed for the latest 3D games, or for professional video-editing and animation software.Besides the drivers that Apple bundles with OS X updates, Nvidia also provides their own driver updates for their Ge Force cards — yes, even the "mobile" cards that Apple puts in Macs.As far as I know, this is not true of AMD and Intel.They're somewhat hard to find if you just go through Nvidia's driver search feature, but they're an easy find if you just Google "Nvidia driver OS X" your OS X version (e.g. For example, here is Nvidia's current (as of December 2015) driver for OS X El Capitan 10.11.2.

My expectations revolve around whether Nvidia releases graphic driver updates for Mac and how to check for pending updates. Apple makes its own drivers & they are included in the OS updates.The latter seems more plausible to me, but either is just speculation.The end result, though, is that there are rarely issues with Apple graphics drivers & regular software or games; again speculation, but for games I imagine they write to a pre-defined rule-set, rather than try to constantly be pushing the boundaries.If you do install the Nvidia driver, though, you'll always have the option to switch back to the default driver or even uninstall the Nvidia driver via System Preferences.You'll also be able to update the driver from there.

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