Updating blackberry storm os

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* Intermittently, when streaming a video while doing a handover to 2G on a 3G network the video would stop playing.

* If you paused a video recording and then resumed, the icon state may not have reflected the current recording state.

On the whole, it'll make your Storm act a lot more like the forthcoming Storm2, but specifically you can expect a "faster, more accurate and more natural text input experience, word completion, a virtual QWERTY keyboard in portrait view and enhanced sensitivity when editing, copying and pasting." You'll also get the ability to "enable Auto Correction as opposed to Word Completion in landscape view." The full changelog should be coming soon, so hang tight!

Oh, and cancel those plans for tomorrow night, okay?

From your computer go to select "Software Download" and follow theon-screen instructions.

* When trying to set a home screen background of a certain resolution (more specifically a resolution matching either the width or the height of the native resolution of the LCD) it may have appeared as a black screen.

* When trying to edit/create a folder, the virtual keyboard did not render to allow the user to enter the names of said folders.

Now the user can select the number from the Callback Number field or from the message body and call that number from the pop up menu.

* The delete prior function has the unwanted side-effect of triggering the compose email screen.

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