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When it's your turn, you also control the direction of the Webcam.

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There are three different models: The model information is included in a label on the bottom of the camera.Already planned for release in Europe, the Eye Toy was picked by SCE's Japanese and American branches after the successful showing at the Play Station Experience.In 2003, Eye Toy was released in a bundle with Eye Toy: Play: in Europe on July 4, and North America on November 4.Soon after being promoted to Senior Vice President of Product Development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) in 2000, Harrison brought Marks to the division's headquarters in London to demonstrate the technology to a number of developers.At the demonstration, Marks was joined with Ron Festejo of SCE Camden Studio (which would later merge to become SCE London Studio) to begin developing a software title using the technology, which would later become Eye Toy: Play.

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