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However, advocates of prostitution, Pro-tukipiste r.y. claim that between 15 women use their services each year.

The majority of these women are migrants and the best estimates suggest that around 4000 prostitutes work in Finland with 70% of these being foreign.

Compared to the rest of the world, Finns are more likely to search for porn containing the keywords ‘sauna’ or ‘latex’.

The average visitor from Finland on the Porn Hub site spent 9 minutes and 25 seconds browsing porn which is 10 seconds shorter than the world average.

Worryingly for the liberal Finns at the time was the claim that gay porn was also being censored.

In response to the allegations, was also blacklisted and access to the site was censored for five years.

Though a liberal country at heart, Finland operates some degree of censorship over internet access to pornography (see Finland Porn Viewing Trends below).

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Widely distributed through the many towns and cities the country virtually doubles in size with tourism figures reaching an annual 4.6 million visitors many of whom look for some distinctly adult entertainment.

When you think of Finland, sex might not be the first thing you think of.

But, behind the Northern Lights, long winter nights and cosy log cabins, sex might be far more of a national pastime than you’d think.

Prostitution laws were relaxed after World War II, prior to which it was illegal to buy and sell sexual services.

There are discussions happening in the Finnish government that are looking to criminalize the purchase of sex and bring the country’s laws in line with other EU member states.

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