Tantra dating site

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However, they often don’t “Every other dating event I’ve been to stops at the point of just bringing people together, and then it’s a free-for-all as to how to connect,” said Tantra Institute Co-Founder Guy Shahar.

“I think this is the only event that provides a foundation as well as a subtle (yet very flexible) structure for relating in a dating context.” Guy has taught several relationship classes as part of an altruistic effort to get people in a healthy frame of mind.

“It brings the mindful practices we teach to a speed date format.

So singles can start off on the right foot.” Tantra Speed Date prides itself on offering more than just a dating environment — it offers a new perspective on relationship-building and human connections.

This revolutionary form of singles event has connected spiritual people in long-lasting relationships based on shared values and beliefs.

Most parents set aside a specific time in their adolescent child’s life to have The Talk.

“At the end of each exercise, the women choose if they want to connect again with their partner, and that becomes a match,” Guy said. It requires a lot of skill and training to pull it off, and Guy said he takes that training very seriously.

“You’re holding space for people to connect with each other in a real way and be vulnerable.

The speed dating format is unique because it puts single women in the driver’s seat and asks them to choose which dates they want to pursue by placing colored beads in men’s pouches. Just being chosen doesn’t mean you have to act on it.” Not just anyone can run a Tantra Speed Date event.

They sit down and explain the birds and the bees as clearly as they can.

It’s sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s incredibly important.

So once that is addressed, people can relax, and the stage is set for real connections to occur.” Guy and Lauren draw from years of experience as couples coaches to make sure the Tantra Speed Date events foster promising connections.

Their goal is to see participants walk away with many new friends and new love interests.

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