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The story opens with the usual human interest story: a 27-year-old nurse complains, after suffering four miscarriages and her husband divorcing her, that “‘I decided I am going to be a mom, whether I am on my own or whether I had a partner by my side.’” Since “wishin’ don’t make it so”—especially when it comes to parenthood—not having that partner could pose a problem, though nothing a little withdrawal from the sperm bank can’t solve.The bigger problem, though, seemed to be costs: a single round of IVF costs ,000-,000, and “her health insurance, through the California exchange” doesn’t pay for it.(Annotated Laws of Massachusetts, Chapters 175,@ 47H; 176A,@8K;176B,@4J; and l76G,@4).Montana This state's law requires health maintenance organizations (Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only one in Montana) to cover infertility services as part of basic preventive health care services.Massachusetts This state's law requires health maintenance organizations and insurers companies that cover pregnancy-related benefits to cover medically necessary expenses of infertility diagnosis and treatment.The law defines infertility as "the condition of a presumably healthy individual who is unable to conceive or produce conception during a one-year period." Benefits covered include: required, to cover experimental procedures, surrogacy, reversal of voluntary sterilization or cryopreservation of eggs.

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What IVF does (like much of contemporary gynecology) is provide wish fulfillment: with no objective notion of healthy or pathological, normal or abnormal, pregnancy and fertility are neither good nor bad, but depend wholly on the will of the woman.

“Breeders,” “Eggsploitation” and “Anonymous Father’s Day” document the inhumane dimension of this multi-million dollar business masquerading as medicine. before artificial reproduction comes to an insurance policy near you.

Arkansas This law requires all health insurers that cover maternity benefits to cover the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) Health maintenance organizations, commonly called HMOs, are exempt from the law.

The most cursory survey of the American mass media in July 2014 would have you believe that millions of women are being denied basic medical care and fundamental rights are under total assault because … Senate—whose legislative productivity this year suggests it has been the victim of an Obamacare death panel—managed to rush a bill overturning given us a glimpse of Hobby Lobby II?

they can’t get somebody else to buy their abortifacients. The July 26 issue carries a story whose gist is that government and private insurance does not adequately cover in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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