State laws mandating clinical trial reimbursement

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Nationally, 3% to 5% of adult cancer patients participate in cancer clinical trials (1).

However, researchers have documented barriers to participating in cancer clinical trials.Through the CCC planning process, various stakeholders, including those representing health departments, national organizations, universities, and local organizations, are brought into a statewide coalition to agree to local priorities and goals and to promote the plan among the stakeholders.These plans provide a basic, initial indicator of how each jurisdiction proposes to address their particular burden of cancer, including addressing disparities in cancer clinical trials.Similarly, the Web site — a collaborative effort of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Cancer Society, and NCI — was developed to help states and other jurisdictions develop, implement, and evaluate their respective CCC plans by sharing best practices, resources, and tools.As a follow-up step, we conducted a keyword search via the Internet search engine Google in February 2008 to ensure that we had retrieved the most recent CCC plans in our initial search.

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