Speed dating game online kids

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During a very long professional development, my principal looked at her watch and said, “We have just hit 75 minutes — the length of a class period.” I was shocked at how much my body just wanted to escape my chair for a walk or a stretch break.It made way more sense why students ask to use the restroom (even when we all know they don’t need to go).

This is where students will stop to hear their problem.

Hang one example problem (for a total of about ten problems) around the classroom.

Pro tip: If it was a multiple choice assessment, remove/cover/scratch out the multiple choice answers to prevent students from just circling the correct answer.

If your bachelorette is not very experienced, have her prepare a few questions in advance to ask her potential dates.

(This is the only part of the game that may or may not be improvised.)Choose three actors to play potential dates or contestants for your bachelorette.

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