Siwon dating snsd

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Something a member said he or she shouldn't have said?My friend believes with all her heart that V from BTS isn't as happy with the idol life as other idols, and he would rather be with his family. Something happened between Hyunseung and the rest of BEAST back in 2013 that broke their relationship and caused them to become increasingly distant and cold with one another.Also, I know Jihyo from Twice was injured for knee problems as well and couldn't work out; she's mentioned on numerous occasions that she gains weight extremely easily and was out of commission for some time.I believe that, while she was already scheduled for her knee surgery, she had some cosmetic tweaks done at the same time.

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During the Troublemaker comeback, they barely acknowledged one another and Hyunseung was always doing his own thing, even when they had schedules together.

Whatever happened, all six members managed to keep the pretence and work professionally.

But by 2016, Hyunseung was travelling with the stylists and managers while the rest of Beast was in another car, and he didn't even bother anymore and basically never smiled with Beast and always added weird ad-libs (something he started doing back in 2013).

I'm not against idols getting it; it's a looks oriented job and netizens are really picky about looks--I just wish people were more open.

Personally I think that Yeri was added into Red Velvet in part due to Sulli's eventual departure from f(x).

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