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Oh and of course White Man in Hammersmith Palais remains the best single ever made. As a 12 year old all I wanted was to be in The Clash (tho' probably a bit young). Both were rather second rate when it came to all that 'punk' malarky, but when The Clash began to experiment with dub, and the Jam with Motown, they sounded simply splendid. The Jam may have had the odd dodgy haircut and kept Carnaby Street from dying out in the years when it really should have, but did they ever get arrested for shooting pigeons with air rifles ? And did a Jam song ever get used by the US military in the Gulf War (cf Rock the casbah ?Never even thought of being a second rate mod with a Bruce Foxton mullet. The Clash win, of course they do; in 20 years from now they will still count, the Woking continuent will be a side note.(although Sound Affects is pretty good) The Jam. One of the other comments mentioned pandering to market appeal! ) I rest my case - keep on keeping on Mr W In their day it seemed more of a fiver-way race with the Ramones and Lydon and Costello's respective bands.On record most of the output still stands up to listening and the diversity is still staggering.On an even more subjective note I always thought the Jam a bit elitist and aloof - too cool perhaps -whereas those nice Clash boys would always have time for a chat (and certainly Joe Strummer still does), were usually found in the bar after the gig and were known for helping the ticketless get in to the venue!I remember seeing the Jam play live in Liverpool as their first album 'In the City' came out.I saw the Clash live in the same venue on the 'Complete Control' tour.Ability to wriggle out of your ill-conceived tory supporting views whilst wearing two-tone shoes - the Jam.

Weller is a genius, he's still writing quality tunes today. I really like Paul Weller & The Jam (the last Weller CD is wonderful!And Paul Weller may be many things, but 'cool' was never one of them. They were innovators and took risks with their music, rather than pandering to the demands of the music industry! They had more edge, were more innovative and weren't in any way connected to the Style Council.So, who was better, those loved by the cognoscenti or by the public? Their finest hour was Sandinista - a triple album of incredible variety and quality (OK, there's some crap on there as well, but it's fundamentally wonderful! The Clash looked the part too, they looked punky without going for the commercial imagery that the Sex Pistols will always be associated with.What is the point of making music if no-one will hear it/listen to it? Just mention anything like it to PW and he'll give you an 'iding. The Jam represented pure exhilaration and intelligence, the Clash were your best friends,, the Ramones were the adrenaline injection, Costello gave us manly power and brains, and Lydon represented our better nature -- that nagging voice that made you question everything.The Clash just thrashed away a few chords without any real quality. Today the Clash sustain me more, but it's the Jam that can put the dagger in my heart with 'Thick as Thieves.' Bless 'em all; their train was and is not in vain.

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