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But this is “good” money, as is the money that most of the thousands of other hawkers make.When you ask how business is going, virtually all will tell you that they make a living but that it is “small money.” And of course they are right.

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And every bit of street along the 10.5-mile light rail route is occupied with street hawkers, largely young men but many older women as well.Given everything else in this “gleaming” city, it’s easy to imagine what the light rail system will look like when it is five years old in 2020.Moving along the line’s route, you see a patchwork of new construction (much of it halted), interspersed with slums.Indeed, Ethiopia has one of the fastest population growth rates in the world, hovering around 3% per year (this would mean a population of 200 million by mid-century).But not only is there little or no “gleam” (the 0 per night Addis Sheraton and a few office buildings on Bole Road are among the few exceptions) – virtually every building is streaked with brownish water stains, reddish dirt, and even the newest show signs of deterioration.

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