Seventh day adventist church dating site

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• Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is God, Himself, but Jehovah’s Witnesses contradict this with their belief that the Holy Spirit is God’s way of interacting with His people.

• Christians are uncertain as to when the world would end, but Jehovah Witnesses are sure that the year 1914 started the end of it all.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are also solid with their belief that the world is ending little by little.

For them, the end started on the exact year of 1914 and consequently it is still in the process of diluting.

Christians believe that those who do good go to heaven after death for an eternal happy life. There is no old age, unhappiness, death or sickness there.

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In fact, they look at it as something that holds people from recognizing the one and true God, which is Jehovah.

They believe that this will be the Day of Judgment wherein the good goes with Him to heaven, and the sinners will suffer in hell for all eternity.

Certainty of when it would happen is not there, but their faith was kept untroubled through time. They are following Jesus’ ways so as to keep themselves acceptable when the moment the judgment comes to the Earth.

• Christians believe Jesus Christ is one with His Father and Holy Spirit as God.

Jehovah Witnesses believe that God is never made up of three persons but is only one and that is Jehovah.

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