Serena dating white guy

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It's unsurprising, therefore, that Serena Williams has never struggled to find gentlemen with whom to "court" (is that possibly the worst tennis pun you've ever read? And it's equally unsurprising that she's struggled to hold onto any of them: Is it her busy schedule that makes relationships so difficult, or are the alpha males that have come into Serena's life just incapable of dealing with her gargantuan success?

Either way, click through for details of Serena Williams boyfriends, past and present.

The widespread notion that black male sexuality posed a threat to white women could and did get African American men lynched during slavery and afterward.

Yet this history isn’t typically exploited to accuse black men who wed interracially of betraying black women.

When you're one of the most successful female tennis players in sporting history, and comfortably the richest, there's never a shortage of eligible men ready to accompany you to dinner aboard a super yacht en route to an Oscars party on the shores of a private island. Williams is a major figure in a predominately White sport in which the racism she faces is well-documented. The two are very different but “are such a good fit.” Ohanian is White. Had an amazing #Selexis Day this weekend thanks to @Serena Williams and my closest friends and family. I think we understand hard work in different ways.” Karaoke partner for life.

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