Sarah rafferty and gabriel macht dating

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That is in very large part due to TV’s longest running will-they/won’t-they couple of Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey () — better known to the internet as #Darvey — finally getting over themselves and getting together.

The final season, which kicks off Wednesday, will resume moments after Darvey’s steamy union in the Season 8 finale and continue into the next morning, which will find the firm facing yet another crisis in the wake of Robert Zane () taking the blame for Harvey breaking attorney-client privilege.

Harvey Specter PLAYED BY GABRIEL MACHT Gabriel Macht stars as Harvey Specter, legendary corporate lawyer who currently serves as Managing Partner at Specter Litt. Adams) was blessed with a brilliant mind and a good heart, but some bad luck and worse choices derailed his plan to go into law.

When a new Name Partner joins the firm, he will be forced to navigate the new dynamic, all while trying to reconcile with Mike’s departure. However, a chance meeting with Harvey Specter brought Mike’s considerable gifts to one of the top law firms in New York, and gave him a second chance to get his life on track.

More recently, Mike made a stab at going legit as an investment banker, but fate (and ego) nearly conspired to take away everything, including the woman he loves.

Now, Mike is back by Harvey’s side and picking up the pieces with Rachel.

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Alex Williams PLAYED BY DULÉ HILL Dulé Hill stars as Alex Williams, a formidable Senior Partner at Specter Litt who is vying for Name Partner, but is faced with fierce competition when a new force joins the firm.

Rachel Zane PLAYED BY MEGHAN MARKLE For years, Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) dreamed of attending Harvard Law and working as a lawyer at the firm she loved: Pearson Specter.

Instead, she was lost in paralegal limbo, stuck watching less gifted minds surpass her while she was left to do their research.

However, as Jessica dealt with conniving former partners, failed mergers, and threats from both outside and inside her own firm, she came to see Mike as the asset he truly was.

More recently, Jessica began dating Senior Partner Jeff Malone, and though navigating the personal and professional landmines of a relationship like theirs hasn’t been easy, Jessica has allowed herself to start dismantling some of the walls she has built up over the years.

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