Romantic ideas for 1 year dating anniversary

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Alternatively, the photo album or digital files or even hashtag, and look through the big day.A little nostalgia is perfect for this celebration.8. Might I suggest a meal from your wedding lunch/dinner?An anniversary with your significant other—whether it’s one year or 12—is always worth celebrating.And figuring out fun things to do for said anniversary is half the fun.

I used this date to tell my husband I was pregnant after years of infertility, and you can see all the crazy significant places we went on video HERE.Perfect anniversary date ideas: find the perfect date idea to celebrate your anniversary and make it one you won’t forget at any budget!For many people, there’s one day a year you can count you’ll be on one fantastic date, and that is none other than the anniversary date.Try to recount all the details of the big day, what you were doing, what you were thinking, and enjoy hearing each other’s story!It’s also a great time to bust out the wedding video if you have one.

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