Riley keough dating robert pattinson

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While Rob and Riley have denied they are dating, they do share a modelling connection.Rob is the face of Dior Homme, while Riley has modelled for Dior Cherie.Kristen became friends with Riley when they co-starred in the 2010 film The Runaways.Riley was among guests at Kristen's 23rd birthday party on 9 April, which Rob also attended.

"Riley isn't dating Rob," the rep for CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE FULL GALLERY One person who will no doubt welcome reports that Rob and Riley are not a couple will be Kristen Stewart, Rob's former flame.

It will also mean the 27-year-old actor will be spending the majority of July and August in Toronto on set and away from both Kristen and new friend Riley.

The two were spotted riding around Los Angeles together this past weekend.

and she happens to bear a striking resemblance to K-Stew.

They're both knockouts, obviously — but their hair and facial features are similar, plus their penchant for super-casual clothing on their off hours.

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