Python error validating verification code

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Le processus de connexion que votre app utilise pour les nouvelles personnes doit déterminer la méthode que vous devez adopter.Si une personne a annulé l’autorisation associée à votre app, cette dernière doit la traiter comme si elle n’avait jamais utilisé votre app.

Ainsi, vous pouvez à nouveau effectuer des appels d’API à sa place.This module provides access to Transport Layer Security (often known as “Secure Sockets Layer”) encryption and peer authentication facilities for network sockets, both client-side and server-side. It is available on all modern Unix systems, Windows, Mac OS X, and probably additional platforms, as long as Open SSL is installed on that platform.Note Some behavior may be platform dependent, since calls are made to the operating system socket APIs.We use built-in exception classes rather than defining custom ones so that libraries that use our functions can allow them to fall through their public interface. Use this to identify a specific verification request in subsequent calls to the API, such as when making a check request to see if the user provided the correct code.

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