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All the while, I thought they were the same , I planted my seat in front of the TV and channel surfed.Though it won't win her any awards, she just makes me laugh.He continues to share his talent to many aspiring musicians, acting as a mentor to budding artists. Raf is an ex-musician himself, and started with heavy metal, but now currently listens to K-Pop, Future Funk, and Vaporwave.His song “Pagdating Ng Panahon” was featured as one of the songs in I Love OPM. There are few things he doesn’t listen to, so feel free to message him your song and artist suggestions.I was kept guessing where the movie was shot though.Robin also delivered a funny line that I swore I'd memorize and write down.Her character just has a nice house and a couple of really loony maids.

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Aiza already had an inkling for music, even when he was a child, but because of his sudden fame in the entertainment industry, he was only able to chase after it later on in his life.

I remember watching a Filipino movie wherein I was just amazed how unbelievable the whole thing was.

It's really great to watch a movie without any expectations. In terms of casting, the story would've held if it was just Marissa Delgado as the aunt.

Suddenly, Jen cries rape and gets her teacher arrested, but behind her tragic fate is a dark truth.

The family of Robin's character almost had no use at all. I really love Ruffa Mae I remember my friends who dragged me to watch "Booba" with them and even if I was the one vehemently opposed to watching it, I was the one who laughed the loudest in the theater.

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