Nigerian dating scam victims

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I found the followers of one account that approached me included accounts using stolen images associated with a number of previous Instagram romance scams.The accounts they follow are either targets, scam accounts, or random accounts related to a particular identity "theme." For example, one account of a "woman" who approached me followed gun-related accounts (including Maj Toure's Black Guns Matter), National Football League-related accounts, and "BBC" porn-related things (and I'm not referring to the British Broadcasting Corporation).

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While we've reported heavily over the past few years about "bots" and other fake accounts used to spread misinformation, the deception often goes much deeper than just putting on a particular political mask—as demonstrated by the 2010 documentary .Typically, the scammers will claim to be from obscure but relatable places—places that their targets would likely not know much about—or to be deployed overseas in the military.In the case above, "she" claimed to be from Michigan and, when pressed for more details, said she was originally from "Newcastle UK." "She" could not provide coherent details about either location."Sage" was also given access to personal data on military personnel and senior executives that could have been leveraged for ill intent.The Twitter accounts that act as the front end for the scams currently being tracked by Twitter and other platforms are not so nuanced.

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