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Back in the underworld, an adult Astra Logue (Olivia Swan), who was killed and damned to hell in a botched exorcism by Constantine, cashed in on those soul coins she collected while teaming up with the chain-smoking occult detective.

The episode wrapped with her releasing numerous historical baddies, like Genghis Khan, from hell, setting the stage for a more focused Season 5 as the gang takes on some returning villains.

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Leah teased the big news last month on Twitter before it was confirmed, writing, "I am VERY pregnant, by a pool, in Vegas." Nick and Leah have kept their relationship low key, last stepping out together for the DEN Meditation Studio grand opening in Los Angeles late in January.

With that finale twist opening the door for some familiar faces to head back to the series, TV Guide hit up showrunner Phil Klemmer to dish on what's in store for Season 5.

The" width="2070" height="1380" title="​Nick Zano and Tala Ashe, DC's Legends of Tomorrow" data-amp-src="" /The episode ends with Astra Logue unleashing some old enemies from hell. Phil Klemmer: As much fun as we had mixing around the world of magic and monsters and creatures and all that, I think we wanted to kind of get back to the roots of the show and root it more firmly in history and historical periods and figures and true villains.

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Salvaged from a midcentury modern Case Study home, the bespoke teak cabinetry in the kitchen was spared in the recent overhaul and enhanced by new stone countertops and a groovy graphic-tile backsplash.

With two walk-in closets and a bathroom that juxtaposes multicolored floral wallpaper with jet-black wainscoting and walls sheathed to the ceiling in white subway tiles, the master bedroom opens to a private deck with romantic spa tub.

There’s also a separate den off the entrance hall, and a detached studio provides flexible living space suitable as a home office, guest quarters or media lounge.

To prevent this from completely altering who she was, Zari (Tala Ashe) sat back in the Temporal Zone, which served as a buffer from the effects, while the rest of the team handled things on the ground.

Shoutout to for delivering the best Monitor (La Monica Garrett) cameo when he showed up at Hey World munching popcorn as chaos ensued around him.

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