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"We can just apparate.""And I can get Draco to rub my feet afterward as we sit shamefully unchaperoned in his flat. Maybe you and Blaise will be busy christening their flat.""A girl can dream," Ginny said. If we leave now we should have the timing right that they'll be waiting for us.""Lead on," Hermione said. Somehow they'd managed to check off every rule of how you had to dress to be properly modest while still looking not the slightest bit dowdy or, for that matter, modest. " Draco murmured near her ear as she walked past him and into the shadowed restaurant."I could suck you off under the table," she said in an almost bitter undertone that only reached him.

A hidden adoption revealed, a brother found, a new world to figure out: "What are you hoping for? She'd gotten dressed at her own flat and then come to Ginny's to hang out while her partner in crime got ready, a bag of last minute prep tools in hand so she could do her hair with Ginny's help."I know," Ginny said as she settled a dress over her hips. You'd look dumpy in flats with that.""Agreed," Ginny said, "but this offers easy access for post-date playtime, plus it's technically all pureblood proper with the length and the cap sleeves and all.""Given Blaise thought I would be ruined by hanging out in their flat, you may have a hard time convincing the man to slip his hand under that skirt, no matter how easy you make the access." Hermione shoved another pin into her hair in an attempt to corral it into a chic updo. "I better not have to walk very far, though.""We magic," Ginny said smugly as she stood up and slipped her feet into her own heels. "Damn," he said as he watched the pair walk toward them. Blaise, this is my friend Ginevra Weasley."Blaise took her hand and brushed his lips across her fingertips. "I cannot tell you how I've looked forward to this evening."Ginny smiled at him over her hand until he realized he was still holding it and dropped it with ungainly haste. "Do you think we'll get above the fold or below the fold?

"Draco shrugged as he twisted the heavy gold ring he'd borrowed from Blaise.

Ginny scootched her chair in closer to the table and leaned on her elbows in blatant disregard for all things mannerly and smiled as Blaise tried with almost total success to keep his eyes on her face. "Hermione tells me you are quite the food aficionado.""I… Blaise was rescued by the sommelier who approached and asked if they had any questions. " he asked."A good man," Ginny said."I prefer to think of myself as wholly shallow," Blaise said.

"I suppose I can just find out the hard way."Blaise gaped a bit but was yet again rescued by alcohol as the champagne he'd selected was presented to him and he nodded that, yes, that was the one he'd wanted and the sommelier opened it and poured a small amount into his glass.

He tasted it and said, "Excellent, yes," and the man filled Hermione and Ginny's glasses, then Draco and Blaise's.

"We wouldn't want to risk compromising our precious selves."Hermione, thinking of how she'd apparated home from Draco's flat the night before with a swollen mouth and damp knickers, was fairly sure she'd already been compromised quite thoroughly and snorted herself. "Hermione eyed the way the black dress swirled around Ginny's knees and said, "Absolutely. "You're going to blow his patriarchal little mind.""I thought you liked Blaise," Ginny said."Oh, I do," Hermione acknowledged. "And fuck-me heels to top it all off.""Because nothing says modest good girls like these," Hermione said as she grinned down at her feet. Hermione had opted for something a tad more discreet than Ginny but… "Ginny, this is Blaise Zabini; I'm not sure you two knew each other at school but he was in my year. Hermione flinched as a camera flash went off near them.

"A woman likes to know these things." She shrugged.

"A sister," he said, his voice very low, "I'm hoping for a sister." Winner 2015 Energize WIP Awards. Ginny and Hermione had arranged to meet their dates at the restaurant. She studied the results until Ginny said, "That color looks better on you than on me. He'll be confused as hell." She picked up the quirky hat she'd brought with her and began trying to attach it to her pinned up hair with reasonable success; it even pushed the last few curled tendrils into something resembling obedience. "It's as if I meant it.""Look at us," Ginny smirked. "She's just another girl, Blaise.""She's not," the man muttered. Pureblood baggage, and, unlike you, I don't like all that shite.""Your just as bound by it as I am," Draco said. That seems unfair."By then Ginny and Hermione had reached them and Draco had taken Hermione's hand in his and kissed her knuckles.

"Try that."Hermione uncapped the tube and applied it to her mouth with care. "You're making me antsy.""I've never seen you this nervous before a date," Draco smirked.

" Draco said, flute of champagne halfway to his mouth."We dating, right? Draco glanced at Blaise and then nodded, a slow smile warming his face.

"I mean, officially and in the papers and everything.""Yes," Draco said. Among other things.""Good to know," Hermione said, "I mean, assuming Draco here doesn't work out.""You will not take Dean Thomas as your date," Draco muttered. " Hermione asked and held her flute towards Draco for him to refill. to bring one's significant other to these things." She picked up her newly filled flute and idly spun it beween her fingers.

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