Mom son internet sexy chat

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A few times I've had to excuse myself to the bathroom to beat off real quick because I just couldn't take it anymore.One night I was on the computer looking for a video of a mother and son with a mom that looked like my mom, when i received an e-mail. The message read: Hi, I'm a mother who is filled with lust for my own son.I came so hard thinking about you just a few feet away from me stroking your cock I thought for sure you'd hear me, and part of me was hoping you would.By the time I finished reading the message my dick was so hard I barely touched it and I came in my pants.Her shoulder-length brown hair frames her pretty face with no sign of aging. It is absolute torture to lust for your own mother.Living in the same house as her, watching her dust bookcases and pickup the laundry in my room, I would always try and sneak a peek, hoping to see a bit of her thigh or, to get completely luck, the flesh of her tits. Whenever we were eating dinner all I could think about as she put the food in her mouth was that it should be my cock going between those lips.

I would suck you off so much better than any of those inexperienced little whores at school would.Internet Incest I always thought this was just a faze I was going through.Incest had been a constant fantasy of mine for the past year and a half, but I thought that was all it would ever be, a fantasy.It was about 11 o'clock at night so I was pretty sure my mom was already asleep, but I had to run to my room and get cleaned up as I was afraid she would catch me with my pants full of cum.I had came so much it stunk up the whole computer room.

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