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It was something that was inherent in the writing …

people told both of us that day, ‘You guys are eerily doing each other.’“There was a day when all generations of Nicky were on set at the same time …

In effect, Boyd has picked an obvious subject — sort of a watered-down version of the 2012 comedy “Five-Year Engagement,” cleverly updated in last year’s “It Happened in L.

A.” — and made it the central focus of a comedy that might have multitasked such observations with something a bit more high-concept.

so I had a little experience coming onto a show that was already up and running, already sort of this like cultural phenomenon.“But on ‘This Is Us,’ it was really easy because I was working with Milo [Ventimiglia, who plays main character Jack] a lot; I’m friends with Milo beforehand, I’m friends with Chris Sullivan [who plays Toby Damon], it was a really welcoming group and it was this great material.” WATCH: 2019 Emmy Contenders video chats »Angarano sat down with the Los Angeles Times’ Mary Mc Namara for an Emmy Contenders chat in The Times’ video studio to talk about his turn as Nick, the presumed-dead brother of Jack.

The older Nick (played by Griffin Dunne) turns out to have survived harrowing experiences in the Vietnam War; Angarano plays the character during the time of his military service.

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“When I was 13 I was on ‘Will and Grace’ at the end of Season 3, when it was really big, and it was this sort of big reveal in the season finale …

While waiting for Owen and Hallie to decide whether to get back together, Boyd serves up a series of observational scenes in which the characters ill-advisedly snoop in each other’s cell phones, wrestle with awkward contraceptives, and show just how open-minded they are by hooking up with same-sex partners.

Unfolding across three months — July, August, September — in what appears to be summer 2016, the movie feels slightly out of sync with the present moment, like yogurt eaten a few days after its “Best if used by” date. J.: Made in America” (which came out in 2016) and stand around the concession stand at Cinefamily (a cult Los Angeles cinema that shut down last November in the wake of sexual harassment claims) sharing inappropriately graphic details about their sex lives.

The actor, now 31, is far too young to relate directly to the experience of being drafted; his father is also too young to help contextualize it for him.“There was something, actually, I found that helped a little bit.

It was this website that you put your birth date into and it would tell you if you would have been drafted.

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