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She is the aunt of Lennox and Ryder and after a multi-million dollar scandal from the parents, Mel winds up becoming the legal guardian of the pair.

When Mel realises she needs help with looking after two children, she enlists the help of Joe Longo.

The two of them were close before the scandal forced Lennox into Mel's custody, with Mel taking Lennox out to the latest concerts and bailing her out of trouble at school.

Now, however, Mel struggles between being the 'cool Aunt' and setting a good example.

She is a natural flirt and has a witty sense of humor.

She can, however, be overly critical, and picky, especially when it comes to men.

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Instead, she appears highly confident and spontaneous.

They frequently butt heads over what is age appropriate for a high school sophomore as opposed to an adult woman, Mel's wild child past often posing a hypocritical challenge.

Despite their differences, Lennox does not hesitate to approach her aunt with problems, especially those pertaining to boys and whatever social justice project she seems to be working on at the time. Even though he is at least two heads taller than her, Mel is very protective of him.

As the series goes on, we see Mel become more protective of Joe, putting their friendship first over any other conflicting interests and going to great lengths to spare his feelings when they're about to be hurt by a third party.

She sometimes even gets a little jealous of his girlfriends.

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