Mandating green building

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In the United States, buildings alone account for almost 40 percent of CO2 emissions.

High-density urban areas like Baltimore have an opportunity to reduce those emissions by mandating more efficient building practices.

The blog is very popular because posts are positive, often fun, but always forward thinking briefs on the key environmental issues of the day.

Blog posts track Stuart Kaplow’s business model of “environmental risk as an opportunity.” ...

At first blush this might sound like a good thing, until one considers that Montgomery County has long had mandatory green building laws for public and private construction, and the County today also offers significant incentives for green building. Continue Reading Green Building Law Update is published by attorney Stuart Kaplow as a resource on sustainability and environmental law for the business community, .. Originally launched in 2008 by Chris Cheatham, this blog served as a forum to discuss green building laws and trends.

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Baltimore City Green Construction Code In accordance with the Baltimore City Building, Fire and Related Code, Part XI (Baltimore City Green Construction Code), all design, construction, addition, alteration, change of occupancy, relocation, replacement, repair, equipment, building site, maintenance, removal, and demolition of every structure and any appurtenances connected or attached to a structure and to the site on which the structure is located (except as otherwise exempted), must comply with the 2012 International Green Construction Code, as adopted by Ordinance 14-311, effective April 1, 2015, and subsequently amended.New York City has ruled that all commercial office buildings over 50,000 square feet must publicly disclose how much energy they use annually.There is now a list of 3,000 buildings publicly available.This will drive the market in a way that doesn’t cause any money to change hands between industry and government or force the industry to do anything beyond current building code requirements; rather, it will cause purchasers to ask for better buildings.Travis Audubon’s 715–acre Baker Sanctuary, part of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, is a protected habitat for birds and other wildlife.

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