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Long story short, the user interface is overloaded, unintuitive and just plain sucks.I know some of your horny fuckers would stick it into everything and everyone but Moscownightguide is about dating beautiful Russian women, not trailhogs.But the honest truth is that there are almost no women to match to begin with.What's even worse, the app is buggy and after about 10 women you start seeing the same ones again, regardless whether you swiped left or right on them. Long story short, the women on Mamba are unatractive, there's not a lot of them (this might be a plus) but that doesn't even matter cause the app is buggy anyway. Honestly, I couldn't tell you since I don't match anyone.Mamba boasts of having over 10,000,000 members worldwide.However, the members are predominantly from Eastern Europe.It's definitely not as trendy or accepted as Tinder.Rather, Mamba is like one of the old-school dating sites just as an app.

The good think about the VIP version is that it's cheap as well. Compare that to Tinder who charge you 5 times that amount (but honestly tat app is also 100 times better. Girls on Mamba simply are not going to speak English because it's not that kind of demographic. I'll stop here with the complaining but matching is really difficult because the app is so poor. Petersburg where Tinder isn't as widespread, you might actually have more success on Mamba since it's a Russian app.

But you can be 100% sure that those girls who put "looking for sex" in their profile aren't going to do it for free.

If you get a girl being extra friendly and interested in you, you can expect her to be a scammer as well. The usability is poor, the app has lots of bugs and you can't match with anyone although there are very few girls on there anyway.

That has certain consequences for their user base but we'll talk about that in a second.

Either way, if for some magical reason you manage to meet a decently-looking girl on Mamba that you start dating, you might just want to tell everyone that the two of you met...somewhere else, just not on there.

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