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Initially the recommendations suggested limiting access to wap.megafonpro.ru, the website through which subscriptions are processed.Perhaps, this method was effective for a while, but later it was discovered that Mega Fon owns a number of other domains with the same functionality: Let’s review a real example of WAP-click technology at work.Doctor Web specialists conducted an experiment that reflects their experience using Mega Fon’s mobile Internet.Let’s assume that on the eve of the summer growing season a user intends to plant onions in their vegetable garden.Mega Fon itself offers its users a special content account designed specifically for the debiting of subscription payments.This account eliminates any chance of spending money from the user’s main account.WAP-click technology, which simplifies the process of subscribing mobile users to various chargeable services, has been around for years.As a result of its use by some network providers, users can lose money by accidentally subscribing to a service that they don’t want and that will be difficult for them to unsubscribe from.

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The visitor may simply miss this text in small print.However, the SMS replies from Mega Fon stated that the given subscriber number had no active subscriptions.We have observed the exact same result in the “Dashboard” of a Mega Fon user, regardless of whether we logged in with a mobile device or via a desktop, and on the special website no mention was made about paid access to web resources.The webpage is equipped with a button that subscribes the user to the paid service when they click on it.One of the screenshots is borrowed from material Soon this service became a matter of discussion both among users and on the pages of online media: in particular, WAP-click has been mentioned by VC. One of the users even prepared a petition, demanding that network providers ensure that paid subscriptions are confirmed via SMS.

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