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I would suspect that if I lived in Taipei for 3 months and went out every weekend to record videos and put them on You Tube, it wouldn’t take long to develop notoriety. I had a total of 3 dates in Taiwan and all of them converted to lays. Date 1 – Girl was a blogger and does marketing I told her to meet at a bar so we showed up and it was closed.I left the first date and caught an Uber to meet up with the 2nd girl to a vampire themed bar that I randomly searched on Google Maps. We had two drinks and then I Ubered her back to my place. It doesn’t matter what city I go, Vegas still remains the king of pickupland.Unlike the previous lay where the girl was inexperienced, I knew this girl was experienced. If you want to practice pickup and that is all you care about.Once the escalation got heated, she asked me to go shower with her. Any time a girl is “getting ready” or “freshening up”, its usually a green light. Daytime – Tours, sightseeing, photography, eating, working out9-12pm: Go on dates12pm – 4am: Clubbing I had a great overall experience in Taipei. Flying to Vegas is always more bang for your buck than to flying to Asia (assuming you’re from North America). I wouldn’t say a sample size of 3 out of 3 is a ridiculously high number, but I can say based on my observation that the first date to lay conversion rates seem fairly high.

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