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Nicole recently shared this photo of herself getting to work in the kitchen..

I didn’t care to say I’m anything because straight artists don’t.I’m looking forward to the day when [more] black queer men are seen.”Over the past couple of years, Ocean’s former Odd Future collaborator, Tyler, the Creator, has transitioned from a bratty provocateur who hurled gay slurs with reckless abandon into a thoughtful confessionalist, one who surprisingly and rather matter-of-factly raps about his own attraction to men. A diverse array of talents such as Brockhampton frontman Kevin Abstract, Steve Lacy (also formerly affiliated with Odd Future) and Skype Williams have all presented works this year that are freely crafted through a black queer lens.His latest effort, “Igor,” is ostensibly a funky soap opera about a boy who loves a boy who loves a girl. Stop lyin’ to yourself, I know the real you,” he raps. On his “Arizona Baby” album, co-produced by Jack Antonoff (Taylor Swift), Abstract reflects on growing up gay and in Corpus Christi at the turn of the millennium. back home ain’t even proud of me,” he raps on album opener “Big Wheels.” “They think I’m a bitch, just queerbaiting.” And on his introspective new album, “Apollo XXI,” Lacy confronts his struggles to accept his bisexuality over groovy guitar riffs.“It was genius.”“It’s hard to be out in genres where being gay, or expressing your sexuality, is frowned upon,” added platinum rapper and singer i Love Makonnen, born Makonnen Sheran, who rose to fame as a protégé of Drake and came out as gay in 2017. It’s still not accepted …” (Hill declined to offer further comment for this piece.) Hip-hop’s refusal to embrace anything queer has been a blemish on the genre for as long as its been around.“We are finally starting to see queer black men celebrated in the genre. Rap culture has always been powered by unbridled machismo, and one would be hard pressed to not find a gay slur embedded in the lyrics of any of the genre’s most famous architects.

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