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He then proceeded to ask me several questions about what happened and for proof.I sent him her number showing I had it and a screen shot of her dating profile.Further, it had not shown that it had been possible for visitors from the United Kingdom to become members before that date.The fact that the company had earned money from its reputation was irrelevant. Comment This case confirms the ruling in that actual customers are a necessary condition to establish goodwill for the purposes of passing off, whether the business provides products or services and irrespective of whether its services are provided for free.As a matter of law, customers of some kind are required; a reputation alone is insufficient.Plentyoffish argued that because the website provided the dating agency service to members for free, the website's 'customers' included people to whom the dating service was provided, regardless of the fact that they received the service for free.In-house corporate counsel and other users of legal services, as well as law firm partners, qualify for a free subscription.

I recently went on a couple dates with a different girl only to find out she was married...that’s a different story. I may be ready to take a break from the online dating scene.sorry to hear that happened to you man. I put the number in on FB and a completely different profile came up..I called her out and she played dumb saying it was his number.As summarised in Facts Plentyoffish Media Inc is a Canadian company that has operated a successful online dating agency under the name Plentyoffish since 2001 from the uniform resource locator (URL) Plenty More LLP is a UK company that also operates an online dating agency - from the URL - and owns the UK trademark PLENTYMOREFISH, which is registered for services in Class 45 of the Nice Classification, including "dating agency services".He also confirmed that they weren’t in an open marriage... It’s spending time together to see if you want to spend more time together ...I still don’t know how I feel about the whole situation and how it went down....being involved in a cheating situation is nothing I ever wanted to be a part of... so the least the people can do is spend time together equally and fairly ..... If the woman I'm meeting for the first time expects me to pay and ghosts if I don't then she's only interested in a free night out, not dating.

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