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But Kingfisher’s biggest annual blowout is Fat Tuesday, celebrating its 25th anniversary on March 5. Jazz and Zydeco provide the backbeat for the likes of In the late 1990s, Tucson missed the opportunity to achieve a Guinness Book of Records-worthy feat: hosting the world’s shortest Mardi Gras parade. On Saturdays and Sundays, they’re open for dinner from 5 – 10 p.m. Take a look at Kingfisher’s “Back East” menu — which features seafood dishes like You’re urged to get decked out in your favorite Hawaiian or tropical attire and eat up the delicious feast provided by Island Plate Lunch.

Murphy explains, “When Nonie, which specialized in Cajun and Creole cuisine, was down the block” – it’s now Dante’s Fire — “we wanted to team up with [owner] Chris Leonard to march 170 yards between our restaurants. On top of the scrumptious plates of Hawaiian food there’s going to be performances by Hula Mai Ka Pu uwai, Siva Maia Polynesian Dancers, and the Sounds of Thunder Korean Drummers. You can get more information on the ticket pricing by calling (520) 512-0144. to be named a City of Gastronomy, chef Janos Wilder and others have traveled to other “sister” cities around the world to share the region’s culinary history and unique foods.

, notable for their filling — a raw mix panfried to perfection. The menus are not only a reward for the die-hard Tucsonans who stay in town during the hottest season but also give the staff more leeway to try different recipes based on their experiences and interests. Someone might say, ‘I was up in Montana this year and tried this great dish.’ So we’ll go for it,” Murphy said.

Murphy chuckles and shrugs his shoulders philosophically: “That’s just what we do.” But of course, there’s a method to the madness of upsetting customers. Some dishes don’t cut it with customers and a few are rejected pre-emptively — Cincinnati chili is “a bridge too far,” Murphy laughs — but some return annually, including the whole pig prepared Cuban Mojo-style, as served in South Florida.

Maidstone 5 miles Bluewater 23 miles Tonbridge 13 miles Ashford 24 miles (All distances given are approximate).“The preparation is constant but the flavor depends on which fish we get in on any particular day.” made without bacon.This omission was a nod to restaurant co-founder John Burke, a pescetarian.He was a self-taught expert who, in keeping with the American food focus, sought out outstanding bottles of US origin (with the exception of bubbly).His stint at a Nantucket restaurant called 21 Federal Street also spurred Ivankovich’s interest in small batch bourbons — little known around the country when Kingfisher first opened — and led him to create some of the bar’s most popular cocktails.

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