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Expecting to face his old mentor Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) on a new case, he discovers he will actually be going up against Katherine’s character Samantha Wheeler.

And even more excited by the amazing response it’s been getting on…I absolutely loved writing this book and it’s been a…Read more Happy Monday! Then head on over to Uncaged Book Reviews and give High Warrior your vote for Best Cover!It’s a distinctive, beautiful cover that I’m super-proud of. …Read more I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally see this book go up for pre order. Many years ago (mid-90’s) I was able to secure an agent with this book. - In the time following the death of Richard the Lion...Lots of action and adventure, and there’s a section in it that has a bit of an Easter egg…valuable information on…Read more Well, it’s that time – the Halloween decorations are up at Target, the kids are back in school, and autumn is swiftly approaching.

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    The actor, Sir John Gielgud, advised her to write down her lines as it would be easier to remember that way.