Is maria menounos dating warren sapp who is jujubee dating

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Also, I don't know this for sure but I would think the main event may become a four- or five-way after all, because it just seems stupid to be giving away Cena vs.

Batista with only two more weeks of Raw to promote it. (COMMENTS: I do wish to keep an HBK/Jericho rematch for later on as they need to run with Jericho's new heel push and have him face CM Punk, but we shall see.

He takes a stab at the current creative team and at the former Hollywood actor, saying "he's probably just as qualified as everybody else up there that knows nothing about the art form of the business." Dave will have much more on this in the Observer that comes out tomorrow.There are already entertainment news outlets working on brief pieces about the story.They are trying the above announcing team combos above this week in the second major shuffle in as many weeks, showing once again they are getting panicky with their announce crew.Too bad since Mick was doing a wonderful job learning from JR, so I really hope this stays rumour and Mick does get a good deal and signs back) I'm not into TV Gossip but yeah, TMZ now is like on par with CNN for being considered...

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