Ireland spiritial dating

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I’m sitting on my porch in the sun reading up on signs from your loved ones. But suddenly I got vibrating goosebumps from the the top of my body to the bottom.

I have them all over from my head down arms and legs, so I am looking for answers.

This has been an occurrence from what I can remember for about 3 days.

Reply Hi Melanie, I just read your whole post about spiritual chills and it amazes me because I just read it on another post.

I thanked him for coming to me Reply I get chills on these occasions: When I’m sad When i wonder if what im doing or think os right When i think of someone i see in only my dreams When i need an amswer and thatsthats not all.

There are alot of other other things going on with me that are weird Tech isnt always my friend because it malfunctions around me alot.

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