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(to impress you) is sending the INTP into meltdown, which is itself a mortifying emotion.

: Try dialing down the emotional storm for the INTP by having both of you direct your attention to a third thing, like a movie, a webpage, or something else to observe. You might even try sitting close enough to be touching.

Of course, it wasn't him in the first place, but now she is quickly getting very angry at his intrusiveness. : This INTP likes you and wants to get to know you better.

) I have received many emails over the last few months from people who are, or want to be, in a romantic relationship with an INTP. The good news is that what I'm going to talk about is straightforward. Because each person is entitled to have his or her own wants, needs, and love language.

These frictions, once you see them, will be very easy to understand. When two people don't match up on these points (such as when two different types attract), the best possible outcome is that you meet in the middle.

Your INTP will be very interested in fairness, understanding, and doing hard work. That's why they learn to suppress it, withdraw from it, and safely pack it away. And we want to make sure that emotion is all about you!

He or she will want to understand your wants, needs, and love language and should be very willing to meet you in the middle. (In a good way, of course.) If an INTP is taking the initiative to talk to you, especially with deeper, more complex, and probing conversation, he or she likes you and wants to get to know you better. And if he or she seems to be actively seeking you out for these beyond-small-talk conversations, then he or she probably already has a crush on you. Your crushing INTP will have thought through all sorts of imaginary conversations and interactions with you as a way of trying predict who you are, how you'll respond, and how best to approach you and succeed.

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