Intimidating sports colors

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That's what I would call an intimidating atmosphere, the reason behind this passion is that the rivalry goes further than mere football and into the realms of serious politics and national identity.

Many football teams have fierce rivals and passionate derby games but the rivalry is based purely on football and nothing else, as we've seen in Argentina and Spain, when the rivalry transcends mere football and goes into the realms of class divides and national identity the atmosphere in the stadium becomes far more volatile and hostile.

It’s a very serious color that can help express grief.

Oregon State, Oklahoma State, Orioles, its all good i love Oregon football's palette of colors too.

Black is also associated with depression because it can close in on use and take the positive aspects out of life, pushing us towards disappointment and the black or negative aspects of out life.

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On a more practical scale, black is the color that hides.

It can be used to hide feelings, to separate oneself from the world, even to hide weight, as it is a slimming color. It’s an intimidating color that shows that the person wearing is setting themselves apart from others and it’s a color that indicates strength and discipline.

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