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I've seen many other Landscape photography sites on the Internet, but nothing in the same league as these ! Elk Grove Village, IL United States - Wed, Aug 24, 05 at Just magnificient!Definitely beyond Photography to a classic 'art form' ! With Best wishes and regards : Honey ( Yes, I'm afraid that's my name ! Wargrave, Berks United Kingdom - Thu, Aug 25, 05 at Why no photos from the United Kingdom? I love your web-site and thanks for sharing your beautiful work! Arcata, CA USA - Fri, Aug 19, 05 at Very thought provoking. Kevin Roland Bakersfield, Ca - Wed, Aug 17, 05 at Absolutely fabulous pictures from all over the World. Anthony Noblesville, IN USA - Wed, Aug 17, 05 at I love you photographs from Rothenburd ob die Tauber.

Denise Chino Hills, Ca USA - Tue, Aug 23, 05 at I was wondering, what do you guys mean by "edition" in the ordering prints section? E-mail me if you would like to see some of the photos i took there as well as some other places in Europe. Tallahassee, FL USA - Sun, Aug 14, 05 at I have been really inspired by your photographs and it makes it so real to be on that journey with you. As a beginning photographer I found your website a great source of inspiration! Clearly he is someone who appreciates the beauty of Earth and life and sees that sharing such beauty is more important beyond anything else. Richmond, BC Canda - Fri, Aug 05, 05 at Breath-taking photos! I've forwarded your site to some friends whom I know will fall in love with this site, as I have! Lori Honolulu, HI USA - Mon, Aug 01, 05 at Dear Loung, Thank you for such great art work sharing with us. But, I don't know much about professional photographing. please, give me some instruction of how I can reach closely of where you are. Your photographs show how amazing and breathtaking creation is.I was about 12 years old, and can still recall being fascinated by the centre headlight. As a student, I used to use large format for landscape, an old MPP 5x4 with a 90mm Rodenstock, it had appalling fall off on the edges and chronic vignetting but providing I composed the image with this in mind, the results were quite acceptable!There was a certain level of skill involved, you had to keep the ball in play, master the double flip, beware of the little traps that lied in wait for you and score as many points as possible enroute to the elusive free game that awaited you.While in the midst of all this mayhem you must also have had the art to shake the machine a bit to keep the ball in play, not too much lest to receive that dreaded message: Tilt, game over.

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