Intellectual men dating

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Ask him about books he’s read recently, the most interesting place he’s ever visited or why he choose his career field.

Share with him a few topics that interest you to see if you have any interests in common.

Intellectual types may have extensive reading lists and talking points that are hard to grasp, but that doesn't mean the relationship can't work.The diagram below shows a hypothetical example of an “intelligent guy” who knows a LOT about mathematics, but doesn’t know much about what it takes to be successful with women, how to attract women and how to maintain a great relationship with a woman.Just because the guy is academically intelligent, it doesn’t automatically mean he will be socially or emotionally intelligent or know what it takes to be successful with women.While talking, try to gauge if your date is also curious and wants to continue learning.According to Help, smart people who lack curiosity could wither intellectually over time.

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