Instant cam fun

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If you want to edit, you'll need to do that in another app.

Not having a built-in editor isn't much of a drawback given how many good photo-editing apps are available these days.

Still, the hybrid camera and printer makes one buying decision—Should I get an Instax camera or an Instax Printer? Other than that, the Li Play makes more sense, since you get both a camera and a printer in a more compact package than any of Fujifilm's previous Instax offerings.

Instax prints have a tendency to crush blacks and wash out highlights, so I often use exposure compensation to lighten shadows or darken highlights, depending on the scene I'm shooting. There's a power button on the side of the camera, and next to it are three buttons that control which visual effects (if any) are applied to the image.

The rounded body of the Li Play is easy to hold and reasonably pocketable. The options range from hearts to antlers to a dozen or so other overlays.

With an app, you can print photos from your smartphone.

The much-touted ability to embed audio in your images using a QR code is less impressive, but I'll get to that later. Unlike most other Instax cameras, you can review your images on an LCD screen and decide whether or not to print them.

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