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Visit Stack Exchange For one of my websites, I need to install an outdoor webcam (located at a ski resort) to broadcast live images to the website.

I talk less and do much of listening having a career in telecommunication engineering.

I am councellor in pvt organization and has a side business of interior desig..

is traditionally the term that is used for cameras that have more "smarts" and connect to the internet directly.

But, I think this distinction has become blurred now.

You can find some detail here: a demo page, where some colleagues and friends use this solution: there is no hole, all is fully weather proof.6) Mounting The universal mounts also require some sort of mount. 7) The camera itself Do your homework and buy a good one, you won't ever regret that decision. And if you have a night vision camera then you'll need an IR illuminator to see what's going on.There are many cheap cameras (which are OK for home use) and some very expensive ones (which are just better all around). Infra-red illuminators look something like the following: You can also get cameras with these built in. The only thing I'd like to add: I have had webcams broadcasting from aboard a boat for over ten years, lots of fun and interesting challenges.The only potential problem is the heat in summer for the battery, not for the mobile as it is most of the time power off.So far, there are some of my solarcam working for months, even 1 year in cold place (French Alpes) and hot place (south China) without any issue.

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