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According to the Nielsen scholar Noel Daniel, Nielsen loved the theater and the ballet, and was particularly taken with the fantastic costume and art designs of the Ballet Russes when he was an art student in Paris.

As Kendra Daniel points out in her introduction to the gorgeous , reissued from Taschen, Nielsen chose to illustrate stories with a strong thread of irrationality: “they take their power from the snowdrifts of Scandinavia.” Cold, unpredictable, and indifferent to human need, these frozen landscapes heighten the danger of the fairy world inherent in the fantasy.

Recent tests of the MD method have found the most commonly used molecular force fields to be out of balance, overestimating attractive interactions between charged and hydrophobic groups, which can promote artificial aggregation in MD simulations of multi-component protein, nucleic acid, and lipid systems.

One route towards improving the force fields is through the NBFIX corrections method, in which the intermolecular forces are calibrated against experimentally measured quantities such as osmotic pressure by making atom pair-specific adjustments to the non-bonded interactions.

Disney made his versions cannon; the originals were reduced to curiosities.

During the the Golden Age of Illustration, Nielsen and other artists, such as Arthur Rackham and Gustave Doré, found themselves illustrating expensive, exquisite gift books of fairy-tale stories.

Nielsen took a Nordic coolness and married it with a love of strong line work and fantasy, creating strangely graceful creatures and spirits.

The all-atom molecular dynamics (MD) method has emerged as a powerful tool for studies of individual biomolecules and their functional assemblies, encompassing systems of ever increasing complexity.

However, advances in parallel computing technology have outpaced the development of the underlying theoretical models—the molecular force fields, pushing the MD method into an untested territory.

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