Gretchen housewives still dating slade

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In 2015, Rossi took out a substantial loan for 8,000 to pay for the new condo.

The property in question is located in Costa Mesa, which is a gated community boasting three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with a total square footage of 2,306.

Gretchen told her Instagram followers, "It has been the hardest secret in the world to keep. And actually many of you were already guessing and saying I was glowing like I was preggo! So we are thrilled to finally be able to share the good news with everyone!

star’s mortgage company accused her of falling behind on her payments to the tune of nearly ,000 in new court documents.

but she literally pushed that cell aside and went back to four and self-corrected herself.” Gretchen appeared on the RHOC from season four to season eight and was also seen on the series in a cameo role during season 12.

alum was told she has one month to find the money and pay up.

That was really, really hard for me and Slade to come out of that.", "I really went into a depression and I couldn’t even think about or talk about IVF or trying to get pregnant again because physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, it just breaks you." However, Gretchen and Slade stuck it out and continued in their quest to have a child together. We are beyond ecstatic to finally announce that we are expecting a little bundle of joy!!!!!!

Gretchen shared her excitement with her Instagram followers on Dec. "Even though Gretchen and Slade had been very vocal about their obstacles to conceive, they wanted to wait to share the news.

According to court documents, a lien had been put on the house and is set to be auctioned off the to highest bidder on August 26.In 2015, Gretchen took out a 8,000 loan to pay for the home.In other news, Gretchen recently shared the name of her baby girl, who is due in July.As for Rossi, she has not commented on the situation and has yet to marry Smiley, but the couple did welcome their first child recently - a baby girl named Skylar Gray.It is not clear whether the reality star will lose her house, but fans will know for sure at the end of the month.

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