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(To view screenshots in the article, click on the image to enlarge.) You may be aware that PPL dating sites insist that their operations are kosher and bona fide.Well, Global Services also say the same on their home page (They are rather vague in what they do, but offer girls who want to become models to join and get a “portfolio photos” taken.There is also something to get prospective models excited.For this purpose we have posted profiles of various ladies (we do not feature male profiles, men instead use the site directly by purchasing credits in order to consume its services).” So, the term “dating” is “misunderstood”? But in the view of Global Services, apparently, “dating” means something entirely different.They seem to have some unusual definitions of many things.For example, photos from Gum Ball2014, an event where “stunning Irina” gets apparently car keys and then poses in front and inside a vehicle, with a number plate stating (surprise, surprise) the name of the same famous PPL site.

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This equals an 8-hour workday (because each shift consists of roughly 4 hours).We work on the weekends, holidays, and basically year round, with no exception, and usually days off are given during the week.Hence, the bulk of work is conducted while North Americans are not working.I checked the advertiser’s profile on and it stated to be The vacancy was for a translator of English for a “marriage site”.It was still active at the moment of publication of this article on 11 August 2017.

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